IN PROCESS – Experiments and errors / HAUT & IAC
Spider Threads by Oona Libens
5 December 2020 - 6 December 2020

Oona Libens selected artist and musician for the residency “IN PROCESS – Experiments and errors” by HAUT and IAC.

In her project ‘Spider Threads’ Oona wants to investigate the relationship between binary technology and weaving, as part of a bigger question about how the digital technology could be defined by curiosity and inclusivity instead of commerce and surveillance. She will plunge into binary matters and associate freely around dualities, cellular automata (mathematics), the history of information, punched cards, etc… To visualise this immaterial and virtual technology she wants to make use of a weaving technique with punched cards; the same technique that was used to build the first computers.

A special role will be given the spider, the archetypal weaver. She will serve as a metaphor for a technology that does not let itself be domesticated for profit-oriented purposes.

The work of Oona Libens (Sweden/Belgium) is mostly light, and shadow based and combines science and technology with a poetic visual language into almost-puppet, almostcinema performances.

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With IN PROCESS – Experiments and errors HAUT and IAC invite interdisciplinary artists to join a residency where try-outs, errors and exchange are in the center. The residency offers space for experiments in process. Curious and explorative physical brainstorms where the artistic process starts in the making.

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Photo credits: Morten Arnfred, Good Place Productions

Oona Libens