Lågan vs Nålsögat
Lågan vs Nålsögat takes as its point of departure two films: Lågan and Nålsögat
1 May 2017 - 17 September 2017

Lågan vs Nålsögat takes as its point of departure two films: Lågan from 1973 by Sandell Film AB, and Nålsögat from 1975 by Jan Troell. The two films depict everyday life at the ship building company Kockums in Malmö from fundamentally different angels, and can be said to highlight two conflicting perspectives in how to reach social justice and better living conditions for people present in the political debate in Sweden and many other countries during the 20th century: one claiming that social progress has to be pursued within the realm of work, and the other that the realm of production will never make any real progress toward humanitarian emancipation possible.

The time span when the two films were produced, 1973-75, is an interesting period in industrial history: this was the year, as have been described and analysed by sociologists such as André Gorz and Richard Sennett, industrial production on a massive and global scale was re-organized into one following the lines of more flexible working conditions. This technological development, following in the wake of the oil crisis 73, was also leading to the eventual bankruptcy of Kockums in the 80’s.

At IAC  I will work with archival sources that in various ways relate to the ideological conflict inherent in Lågan and Nålsögat. This through video installation based investigations as well as more site specific methods.

Hans Carlsson