Constructed Weather (part2)
Jonna Hägg
4 November 2018 - 31 October 2019

The project revolves around the weather, the force of nature and the soundscapes. The sound tracks will be based on field recordings made in different locations, mostly from Iceland and Gotland. In these sounds the power of nature is in a kind of imbalance: the sounds are threatening, vibrating, and alarming; at the same time, they capture nature’s great reserves of power. In many of the tracks the artist will work with muted tones, with extremely slow changes where she imagines an electronic landscape painting which captures the rawnes.

Jonna Hägg (b. 1989 Visby, Sweden) works is often threatening and vibrating alarming while catching nature’s power reservoirs. The visualization process is important for her, she investigate invisible systems, underlying structures and patterns that are inherent in our existence. By trying to find new experiences of perception, she is looking for systems and invisible motives that can give a better understanding of the reality we live in. The work consists of visualizing mathematical, philosophical and scientific concept. In a use of a dialogue between disciplines that range from biology, physics, geology, psychology, geometry, linguistics and so on. The main medium is moving image, both video and animation, audio and installation.

Jonna Hägg