Miguel Cortés

Miguel Cortés

“… by having the opportunity to be collaborating with IAC it gives me, besides the facilities, also a chance to meet a great mix of colleagues of tomorrow. I’ve been at IAC earlier in projects exploring voice “Röstmoln” and with Teatr Weimars “Arrival Cities Hanoi”.”

Miguel Cortés (* 1964) works with body, dance, voice, sound, text and media, while contemporary dance art is the fundament, enriched by a career in dance, theater, musical and film that extends over 30 years. In his work the interpersonal meeting, relation and existential perspectives are common subjects for exploration; it’s a relation to the human being, in which frailty has an important role in human coexistence.

Of particular interest to Miguel are different kinds of states and conditions that are a quintessential part of being: the space in between in which we perceive and experience ourselves in the world.

Cortés is one of the founders of the collaborative platform of art and choreography “Flytande Galleriet”, where he and Claudine Ulrich recently gathered 18 dance artists in Skåne to take part in ROOM X.

The project will be continued in a national tour in 2021 within the Riksteatern. His latest production “Vägsjälar (Art & Confusion Project)” was created together with his artistic colleague Maria Naidu and was performed together in Malmö and Göteborg. The composer Kent Olofsson created the music for “Vägsjälar” and now he and Cortés are continuing their collaboration for a new piece. This new project explores language, interrelations and existential human issues caused by structures and ways of communication derived out of consumption.

The collaboration is supported by the Swedish Arts Council, Musikverket and Helge Ax:son Johnsons stiftelse.

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