IN THE MAKING – Marion von Osten

IN THE MAKING – Marion von Osten

A new research archive and announcements board has been installed permanently at the IAC. Easy to build and to be handled, the elements will make diverse research projects publicly accessible: by doctoral students of Lund University as well as by researchers and artists in residence at IAC – in process and in their final form.


Additionally, a researchers platform is installed at the IAC café in one of its former dead corners. The Research Platform creates a site with multifunctional display furniture to share and exchange research findings and materials between doctoral students, fellows and the public. It can be used for meetings, discussions, screenings and presentations of documents, films, proposals, drafts, performances as well as extra-curricular activities. The layout refers to histories of workers club designs and the position of the platform to small event stages in city cafés. Doctoral students, residents and artists working at the Inter Arts Center are welcome to use and program the platform and its multifunctional displays.

IAC Research Archive – Corridor

Final doctoral thesis and donated resarch materials will be collected and stored by IAC in the newly installed research archive. The archive and integrated workstation provide in the future access for internal and external researchers to the multitude of research projects and fields of the arts. The self-build storage design takes up DIY culture of self-build furniture of the 1960s.

IAC Announcement Board – Corridor

The easy to build wall element installed in front of the IAC offices, will announce research projects in process by doctoral students from music, performing and visual arts as well as short-term projects by resarch fellows and artists in residence working at IAC temporarily.

The inserts aim to initiate cross-disciplinary exchange in research processes as well as to highlight the outstanding institutional context of the IAC as part of Lunds University for long-term research by visual artists, performers and musicians. The infrastructural inserts and graphic templates for the IAC have been proposed and realized as open source designs by Marion von Osten as part of her PhD project which has been defended on 31st of May 2018. After the disputation the infrastructural elements have been donated to the Inter Arts Center.

Photo credits: Jenny Ekholm