IAC is located on the fourth floor of the old Mazetti chocolate factory in Malmö. During the restoration of the building careful considerations were made to preserve parts of the factory without compromising the requirements imposed on modern and functional environments for artistic research and public events.

The venue of approx. 1100 m2 in total, provides a variety of spaces for artistic work and in-depth studies, as well as larger spaces for public events such as concerts, seminars, lectures, screenings, exhibitions and theater performances.

IAC strives to provide the best technical resources for experimental work in the fields of music, theater and art. This includes a wide variety of audio-visual equipment and facilities such as microphones, PA systems, cameras, lights, video conference systems as well as technical assistance. For more information: teknik@iac.lu.se

Download the floor plan (PDF, 100 kB, new tab)

If you move the mouse over the floor plan, pictures of the rooms become visible. By clicking on the pictures, you can go directly to the respective room.