Study for a Quartet – Critical & Pedagogical Studies exam project by Angel Nuñez Pombo
Angel Nuñez Pombo 
Location: White room

This project entails the organization of two workshops, one in Coruña, Spain with music students and another one in Vienna, Austria with art and architecture students familiarized with programming and interactive installations. Through a collaboration with the students of both workshops, an interactive installation is developed.

This video installation shows musicians playing a classical quartet and through the use of computer programming software, the movements of the spectators will trigger the playback of the composition, creating yet another form of interaction between players and spectators.

Study for a Quartet is a part of the MFA exam project by student Angel Nuñez Pombo at Critical & Pedagogical Studies programme, Malmö Art Academy.

Event dates
30 March, 00:00
31 March, 00:00