Performance: MESHES
Stine Frandsen, Lea Vendelbo, Felia Gram-Hanssen, Jaleh Negari
Location: Red room

‘Meshes’ is a performance collective based in Denmark, Copenhagen. The project creates a common ground for dance and drums and is about translating movements into sound and sound into movements. The body is read as a score for sound and translate the echo and structure which the movements produce. Likewise, the performance collective looks and listens to how sound can form and gives an atmospheric lead for a choreography.

‘Work in progress’ with an informal discussion afterwards.

Meshes: Stine Frandsen (Dance), Lea Vendelbo (Dance), Felia Gram-Hanssen (Drums), Jaleh Negari (Drums).

The performance is part of the Make Sound Residency in which Felia Gram-Hanssen and Jaleh Negari investigate the process of translation and transformation from one medium to another, based on the phenomenon of fungal networks.

Event dates
7 November, 16:00