Open house at Malmö Gallery Night
Hans Carlsson, Helena Olsson, Stefan Östersjö, Julie Poitras Santos, Oona Libens, Barbara & Marie-Louise, Christian Rønn
Location: Red room

During this year Malmö Gallery Night, the IAC traditionally opens up to the public with a dense program. We present new works by several interesting artists from visual arts, theater and music. Even four video works (Hans Carlsson, Helena Olsson, Stefan Östersjö & Julie Poitras Santos) have premiere and another three performative and installative works are shown for the very first time or in a new version (Oona Libens, Barbara & Marie-Louise & Christian Rønn).

Barbara & Marie-Louise: “Mother of Pearl” (performance concert), Black Room, 20.00

Oona Libens: “Soma” (performance lecture/installation), Seminar Room, 19.00 & 22.00

Christian Rønn: “Enveloping” (sound installation), Red Room, 18.00-24.00

Julie Poitras Santos: “Walking Backwards (Birger’s Walk)” (video installation), Artist Studio, 18.00-24.00

Helena Olsson: “Where it all happens” (video installation), VR/Sound Lab, 18.00-24.00

Hans Carlsson: “Dead Work” (video installation), Research platform, 18.00-24.00

Stefan Östersjö: “Bunkeflo Strandängar”: site-specific resonance with aeolian guitar #1 (video), Entrance, 18.00-24.00

Event dates
29 September, 18:00