Eduardo Abrantes

Eduardo Abrantes

Eduardo Abrantes (b. 1979, in Lisbon, Portugal) is a sound artist and “in-and-out of academia” artistic researcher in a few selected fields of human experience, mostly sound, philosophy, performed creativity and existential awareness in embodied everyday consciousness.

During his PhD research, concluded in 2016, he explored the embodied dynamics of the human voice in the context of contemporary phenomenology of sound and the western philosophical tradition. His most current research project is an interdisciplinary exploration of potential intersections between sound art strategies and mental health environments.

His practice includes performative strategies, site-specificity and collaborative compositional processes in its approach to sound art/installation/intervention. He is currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark, but tries his best to extend his activities to Scandinavia as a whole, having fallen in love with the circumstances of Nordic life. There he can get expend energy getting lost in the landscape or overworking his mind through his passions.

Photo credit: Bjargey Ólafsdóttir, 2017 (portrait) & Photo credit: Eduardo Abrantes, 2017 (image 02 & 03)

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