Absurdum Temporary Art

Absurdum Temporary Art

Absurdum Temporary Art is a performance collective whose purpose is to create interdisciplinary public meetings as well as permanent art, such as films and sound works. Absurdum strives to develop the meeting between technology and audience, to touch on current themes and to be in dialogue with the contemporary, temporary and society. 

Absurdum works in two directions at the same time. The first is an investigation of the little things in everyday life that humans take for granted and don’t grant any significance. By doing this we wish to question the ego of humans and different groups of humans and widen the experience of life. 

The second one is events that we know, or think we know, little about- our unconsciousness, dreams and memories. We wonder if there is collective unconsciousness, dreams and memories and want to develop methods on how we can find this. What will we learn from it and how can we use it? Our long-term goal is to find ways to combine these two directions. 

Absurdum Temporary Art consists of three artistic directors: Lisa Mårtensson, Lotta Fahlén and Manel Ruiz Blas. 

Former projects

“I’m Out Of Order Until Further Notice” – an immersive audio performance on how sounds and music can work as a script for performance, developed during a residency at IAC 2019. 

Read more about the immersive audio performance here

“The Road We Walk” – a performance based on interviews with people who work on Bergsgatan in Malmö, about their daily life, dreams and how life at Bergsgatan has changed over time. In collaboration with Inkonst.

Read more about the performance here – inkonst.com

“On How I Learned To Time Travel” – a performance lecture about how to travel in time through memory objects and collective nostalgia and fear of the future. In collaboration with Malmö Theatre Academy.

Read more about the performance lecture here – frankart.se/events

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