IAC Board

IAC Board

Håkan Lundström, Chair
Professor, Malmö Academy of Music and Inter Arts Center
Lund University
PhD in ethnomusicology, Lund University, with a thesis on the music of the ethnic minority Kammu (Kmhmu) in Laos: I will send my song… (2006). On-going research projects on Kammu music, Japanese music and native American music in Alaska.


Maj Hasager
Senior Lecturer, Malmö Art Academy
Maj Hasager is a Danish artist currently based in Copenhagen and working predominantly in text, sound, video and photography. Since 2011 she is the Supervisor and Programme director of Critical and Pedagogical studies at Malmö Art Academy.


Karin Johansson
Director artistic research in Music, Malmö Academy of Music
As a researcher at the department of Music Education and Performance Karin Johansson is associated with the research team that applies socio-cultural perspectives on musical learning and creativity.


Fredrik Haller
Theatre director, dramaturg and lecturer at Malmö Theatre Academy


Liv Kaastrup Vesterskov
MFA Student, Malmö Theatre Academy


Sara Wilén
PhD student, Malmö Academy of Music
Sara Wilén is a soprano. In her PhD research she investigates the possibilities and constraints of opera improvisation as a tool for developing opera as genre.


Sven Yngve Oscarsson
Site manager
Inter Arts Center
+46 (0) 40 32 57 57
As a site manager at IAC, he is responsible for operation and coordination of activities and projects.


Thorbjørn Hansen
Artistic Director at SNYK & Wundergrund in Copenhagen.


Elin Lundgren
Co-director, Lilith Performance Studio in Malmö.
Elin Lundgren is an artist and is one of two artistic leaders of Lilith Performance Studio in Malmo. She mainly works with video and performance in which she creates pervasive images with the intent to disrupt habitual patterns of thoughts.


On the board as officials

Solfrid Söderlind
Dean of the Malmö Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts


Christian Möller
Faculty Director, Malmö Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts.
Malmö Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts